Small apartments can present a real challenge in terms of renovation and interior design. Limited space requires careful planning to make the most of every square meter. In this article we will look at 5 ideas for repairing a small apartment.

Open layout

An open layout can make a small apartment more spacious and functional. Combining the kitchen, living room and dining room helps to optimize the use of space and create the impression of a larger space. However, it is worth remembering that not everyone is used to living in an open plan, so this option is not suitable for everyone.

    Storage Optimization

    In a small apartment, every square meter of space is important. Therefore, optimizing storage can help maximize the use of space. Built-in wardrobes, shelves, hinged drawers and doors, as well as hidden storage under the bed are just a few of the many options for maximum storage optimization in a small apartment.

    Using light

    Good lighting will help to create the impression of a larger space in a small apartment. Use natural light lighting in the room where there are windows, and add lamps in other parts of the apartment to create uniform lighting. Using mirrors can also help reflect light and create a sense of more space.

    Furniture selection

    When choosing furniture for a small apartment, you need to take into account not only its functionality, but also its size. Choose furniture that can serve multiple purposes, for example, a folding sofa that can be used as a bed for guests. In addition, choose furniture that does not overload the interior, and take into account the color solutions so that they are combined with the design of the apartment.

    Use of zones

    A small apartment can be divided into zones to maximize the use of space. For example, instead of placing a bed in a separate bedroom, you can use a small alcove area to create a separate sleeping area. You can also create a work area in the living room by adding a small table and chair.

    In conclusion, the renovation of a small apartment can be difficult, but with proper planning and design, you can maximize the use of space and create a cozy and functional interior. Open layout, storage optimization, use of light, furniture selection and use of zones are just a few of the many ideas that can help you solve this challenge. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create an interior that suits you and your lifestyle.

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