«Thank you very much to Ekaterina and Vladimir for the renovation of our studio apartment that we did for our eldest daughter. Every detail, every electrical outlet was carefully thought out in the design project made by Katya. We even ordered the table she drew on the sketch from furniture makers because it harmoniously fit into our interior. The renovation was done with high quality, and it is a joy to the eyes. They were always in touch and very friendly. Thanks to the coordinated work of the Gromkom team, the renovation was not a disaster for us».

— Алико

«I visited my niece and her husband at their housewarming. They are a young couple, and their apartment was purchased through a mortgage, so they had a limited budget. But it felt like I stepped into a fairy tale! Their small apartment, often referred to as a Euro-style one-room apartment, was enchanting. We asked them who did all this work, and they said it was a construction company called Gromkom. Initially, they wanted to hire individual craftsmen, but they didn’t want to risk their only property, considering the stories of theft and poor results that can sometimes come with hiring such craftsmen. On the other hand, with a company, a contract is established. One of their acquaintances knew the director of this company, so they gave him a call. A surveyor came immediately to take measurements. They then prepared an estimate and discussed all the details. Vasily Sheludyakov was the foreman, and the couple highly recommended him. Every worker under him had golden hands. Every centimeter of that apartment was carefully planned and finished to the smallest detail. The housewarming did get postponed by a month, but it wasn’t the company’s fault since my niece ordered Italian doors, which took a long time to arrive. I even felt like getting an estimate and ordering renovations from Gromkom myself»

— Gela D.

We did a complete renovation of a three-bedroom apartment. When I spoke with the manager Vadim, I immediately felt a good connection with him. He calmly and politely answered all my questions and throughout the renovation, he showed interest in how things were progressing. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the work done. Everything was done with quality and professionalism.

— Svetlana Kotelnikova

It sounds like your apartment has significantly increased the value of the entire building! Transforming a studio that was once part of a larger apartment into a one-bedroom unit in an old building is not an easy task. Ekaterina is undoubtedly a professional with infinite patience and diligence. She is a true designer by calling. Now you’re enjoying your loft in the city center, and your neighbors probably have no idea that such a transformation was possible. It’s truly remarkable!.

— Alyona Sidorova

It’s great to hear that you and the team were able to find an affordable yet optimal solution that met your needs. In addition to painting, plumbing and electrical work were also done, along with door replacements. It’s wonderful that you didn’t have to move anywhere during the renovation and didn’t experience any discomfort. It’s commendable that they do their work diligently. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

— Nana

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