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We are the leading company in apartment and premises renovation

Want to transform your home or office into an oasis of comfort and style? Trust the professionals at Gromkom.

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  • Highly skilled specialists
  • Individual approach
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  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Quality guarantee
Vladimir Gromov

is the founder of Gromkom company

working hours

9:00 — 18:00

Тбилиси, ул.Георгия Товстоногова, 3

Our Mission

The mission of Gromkom company is to create cozy,  stylish, and functional spaces that reflect the individuality of our clients and meet their needs and lifestyle.

We strive to be leaders in our industry by offering high-quality services and innovative solutions in the field of interior design and renovation.

Quality Guarantee

Gromkom company guarantees the quality of the work performed.  We have confidence in our specialists and the materials we use, which is why we can provide a warranty for the completed work.

Individual Approach

Gromkom company guarantees an individual approach to each client. Our team takes into account all the requirements and preferences of the client in order to offer the most optimal solution.

We believe that the quality of our work is our calling card, which is why we pay special attention to each project to ensure that clients receive an ideal outcome. Our team consists of experienced professionals who not only excel in their work but are also ready to provide the best advice and recommendations to help clients make the right choices.

We take pride in our reputation, professionalism, and reliability. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients and ensure their complete satisfaction. We strive to establish close relationships with our clients, and our team is always ready to listen to their needs and preferences in order to create the perfect space for living or working.

We strive to make the process of renovation and interior design easier and more accessible for our clients. We offer consultations and material selection to help our clients make informed decisions that align with their budget and preferences. We also guarantee that our projects are completed on time and within budget. что наши проекты выполняются в срок и в пределах бюджета.

Renovation and design are not just a job for us; they are our passion. We are delighted when our clients are satisfied with the outcome and are willing to recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. Our mission is to help create the space of their dreams, reflecting the individuality and lifestyle of our clients.

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