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Professional technical service

GromKom understands how important it is to maintain commercial premises in excellent condition for the success of your business. Our comprehensive maintenance services ensure the optimal condition of your facilities, allowing you to focus on basic operations.

Why choose GromKom?

Experience and professionalism

Many years of experience in the industry allows our team of qualified specialists to solve unique tasks in the maintenance of commercial facilities.

Customized solutions

We offer customized service plans tailored to the specific needs of your business, which ensures maximum efficiency and minimal disruption.

Modern technologies

Using the latest technologies and tools, we provide advanced maintenance services, keeping your facilities up to date and running smoothly.

Our services

Regular maintenance

  • Regular inspections and maintenance to ensure optimal climate control.
  • Periodic inspections and repairs to prevent failures and ensure safety.
  • Constant maintenance to prevent leaks, blockages and other problems.

Emergency repairs

  • 24/7 availability: Our team is always ready to solve urgent maintenance tasks.
  • Fast response: Prompt and efficient maintenance to minimize downtime and interruptions.
  • Comprehensive solutions: From minor repairs to major restoration work — we will cope with any task.

Preventive maintenance

  • Routine checkups: Regular assessments to identify and eliminate potential problems before they worsen.
  • Proactive repair: Early intervention to prevent costly breakdowns and extend the life of the equipment.
  • Detailed reports: Complete documentation of the work performed and recommendations for improvement

The benefits of regular maintenance

Cost savings

Regular maintenance reduces the risk of unexpected repairs and extends the service life of the equipment, which leads to significant cost savings in the long run.

Increased security

Well-maintained premises provide a safe environment for employees and customers, reducing the risk of accidents and liability.

Increased efficiency

Efficient systems and well-maintained facilities contribute to smoother operation and increased productivity.

Contact us

Are you ready to experience the benefits of professional maintenance? Contact GromKom today to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation.

Maintenance of commercial premises

The technical operation of buildings of any purpose requires the involvement of various specialists: electricians, plumbers…

Ventilation and air conditioning systems

The ventilation system provides high-quality air exchange inside the building by removing exhaust air with excessive moisture and harmful substances to fresh air.…

Maintenance of commercial premises and repairs

Entrust routine maintenance to professionals – and forget about problems! Stability is needed in working with commercial real estate…

Cleaning services

Cleaning is an activity whose main purpose is to maintain cleanliness. Our company has been working in the field of cleaning services for a long time…

Garbage collection

Garbage collection is one of the activities of our company. We take out garbage quickly and inexpensively: household, construction, industrial, warehouse…

Repair work

Repair is a complex of restoration works. The Gromkom company carries out all types of repair work for the needs of the customer…

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