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Designer renovation in a 1-room apartment


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Interior design by room

First, decide on the design and interior of each room in the house that needs to be changed. For the rooms where repairs will be carried out, you need to make detailed drawings of the successive stages of repair work.

When making a repair sketch, be sure to specify:

  • The location of the furniture.
  • Placement of chandeliers and lamps.
  • Places for sockets, taking into account household appliances.
  • The location of decorative elements – paintings, mosaics, large pots of flowers, etc.
  • It is advisable to specify in the plan the option of wall decoration – wallpaper, paint or other building materials.

Create your project in the colors that you ultimately want to see the room in. This will allow you to check whether the shades you have chosen are combined with each other or not. Such sketches are also necessary when ordering an interior design project and turnkey apartment renovation.

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