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turnkey apartment
Turnkey renovation of houses
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turnkey renovation
of new buildings
Design projects
Repair design projects
from professionals
of commercial
of commercial
of new buildings
New building
renovation of
houses and cottages
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Last year we made 32 repairs

With clients by the hand, from getting the keys to assembling furniture and housewarming
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The cost of apartment renovation

The cost of apartment renovation

Repair from 250 GEL/M2
Repairs from 430 GEL/M2
Repair from 600 GEL/M2
Turnkey repairs
Frame from 490 GEL/M2
Apartment renovation
Black Frame
in a new building
Frame from 390 GEL/M2
of a White Frame
in a new building
Frame from 290 GEL/M2
of a Green Frame
in a new building
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From bare walls to ready-made repairs
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Frequently asked questions and answers

What kind of work should you start repairing an apartment with?
First, based on your wishes, technical capabilities and the area of the apartment, a design project is developed. Then, the necessary materials for repairs are calculated, and an estimate is made. Only after that, work begins on dismantling old structures, communications, outdated or substandard floor, wall and ceiling coverings.
Where should I start apartment renovation?
This question will be answered by the master after leaving for you to inspect and assess the condition of your apartment. At the same time, all your wishes will be taken into account, the allocated budget for repairs, the general condition of communications in the apartment and much more.
Is it possible to redevelop the apartment?
It is possible, but only after agreeing on the redevelopment project and obtaining permission from the executive bodies. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account certain standards approved by legislative acts. So, for example, if you want to design an additional room in an apartment, you need to keep in mind that its area should not be less than 9 square meters and there should be a window in the room. Also, during redevelopment, it is impossible to move and destroy load-bearing partitions, dismantle and reduce the ventilation opening, etc.
How long can the apartment be renovated?
The duration of the repair depends on several factors: on the square footage of the room being repaired; on the general condition of the living space; on the characteristics of the apartment building, the year of its commissioning (the deterioration of communications depends on this); on the category of complexity of the repair and the amount of work performed. Partial repairs will be completed faster, then cosmetic, then comprehensive. The renovation will last the longest. The timing of the repair is calculated at the stage of drafting the repair project and can only be changed due to changes in the project itself.
How much will repairs and finishing services cost in the apartment?
To determine the cost of repairs, you must first determine the required amount of work in the apartment. With this in mind, the required amount of construction and finishing materials will be calculated. Also, an estimate will be made based on the area of the repaired room and the current prices of certain works.
What is the warranty period and what does it cover?
A 12-month warranty is a warranty for repairs from our company under a contract and applies to all work performed by our specialists. The warranty for the materials corresponds to the warranty of the manufacturer of these materials.
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Vladimir Gromov

Head of the GromKom company

Repair of apartments, houses and commercial real estate from our company

If you own an apartment in Tbilisi or are just planning to purchase real estate in this beautiful city, renovation can be one of the key aspects of your path to a comfortable life. In this article, we will look at why apartment renovation in Tbilisi is important, the main stages of renovation, popular design styles, tips on choosing a contractor, ways to save money and how to solve possible problems in the process.

The main stages of apartment renovation

Planning and Design: Identify your needs and desires, make a repair plan and select the appropriate design.
Surface preparation: Carry out the necessary work on wall alignment, floor replacement and other preparatory processes.
Selection of materials and furniture: Choose high-quality materials and furniture that match your style and budget.
The repair process: Entrust the work to experienced specialists or start self-repair.

Popular styles of apartment renovation

Both traditional Georgian styles reflecting national culture and traditions and modern European designs offering minimalistic and functional solutions are popular in Tbilisi.

Tips on choosing a contractor for repairs

Choosing a contractor is one of the most important steps in the repair process. Pay attention to the experience, reputation, availability of licenses and certificates, as well as examine the portfolio of completed projects.

Saving money when repairing an apartment

Repairs can be quite expensive, but there are ways to save some money.:

The right choice of materials: Look for the best value for money.
Comparison of prices and offers: Do not stop at the first option, compare prices and conditions of different suppliers.

Apartment renovation is an important and responsible process that requires careful planning and preparation. But with the right approach and the choice of a contractor, you can turn your apartment into a cozy and stylish home that reflects your taste and preferences.

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